About Chris Blunt

Chris Blunt is CEO and ‘Head of Making things work’ at The Bus Stop Group
His Key Technical Skills include Email Systems, Unix Based Systems, Domains, Network Security and ‘bigger picture’ IT consultancy.

In 2006 Chris formed brokenStones, and IT support and Consultancy business in Lichfield, Staffordshire, from a desire to make a difference to small businesses by providing IT services that are professional dependable and cost effective.

Graduating Lancaster University with a BSc Hons in computer Science, Chris began his Professional IT career as a Software Programmer before seeing the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career and stepped into an IT Management role. It was during this time Chris started to develop his vision for brokenStones. Travelling all over the UK he saw many small businesses up-close and witnessed the poor level of IT services they were getting.

Chris was snapped up by internet giant Yahoo! where he supported corporate servers across Europe and of course the people who relied on them. His primary focus was e-mail and network critical services. It was during this time he came to fully understand the role of IT within a business, how it’s there to help the company grow and evolve and not to control or constrain it.

Chris has worked in IT for small one and two man operations through to global corporations, but the majority of businesses he’s dealt with have tended to be 10-50 people in size. This is reflected in the type and size of customers’ brokenStones now serves.

In 2008 Chris setup his second business, BlossomDigital – a creative digital team of designers and developers that help organisations promote themselves and trade online.

In early 2012, Chris, along with his co-director Alan Rowe, aquired B.S Net Limited, today known as the Bus Stop Group, and now use this as the vehicle to deliver the profesisonal IT Services of brokenStones and the expert web services of BlossomDigital

To sum Chris up, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he is a true IT expert in every sense and he makes IT work for your business.