Are you out of the Office?

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Are you out of the Office?

I’ve got a really strange sense of Deja-vu here, so my apologies if I’ve already mentioned this before?

One of the common questions we get asked several times a month, is how do I set my Out of Office?

The answer depends on what type of E-Mail system you are using… Firstly if you are using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 is dead easy, in outlook simply Click ‘File’ at the top, then you’ll see ‘Automatic Replies’

Exchange & Office 365 – via Outlook

Outlook - File

Outlook - Automatic Replies


You will also notice now in outlook it tells you you’ve got Out of Office Set.

Outlook - Automatic Replies being sent

Or if you’ve not got outlook (or you are using Mac Mail) you can use the webmail option

Office 365 Webmail
Login to Office 365, Then click ‘Outlook’ on the menu bar at the top, then When you see your inbox click the cog in the top right hand corner, then click ‘Set Automatic Replies’

Office 365 - Out of Office

Microsoft Exchange Webmail

If you are used to using the Microsoft Exchange Webmail (AKA Outlook Web Access – or OWA) then just click the options button near the top right, then choose ‘Tell People you’re on Vacation’

Outlook Web Access - Options - out of Office

Outlook Web Access - out of Office


What if I’m not using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange?

If you are using POP or IMAP or some other type of email system then how you set-up your out of office is dependant on how your e-mail provider has set their system up. It really does vary wildly (and sometimes not possible at all). A common method is via something called ‘cPanel’, login to your webmail (usually if you’re on cPanel) and then choose the ‘Auto Responders’ option – this is genrally only available if your email host has allowed it…

cPanel Auto Responders

As you know by now, I am really fond of Office 365, and here’s another example if you are not already using it why it just makes things so easy… just saying!

Top Tip

Out of Office Replies are great for letting people know when you’re not going to be about to answer your email, but also be a bit concious about how often you put it on… I’ve seen some people use it to excess “I’m out for the next hour” type messages.

I tend to use mine when I’m away for several days and won’t be checking email, and then sometimes when I’m back but have a lot to catch up on, so direct people to contact my support team for anything urgent…

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