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Getting Internet Access on the Move

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in IT Top Tips

Getting Internet Access on the Move

I’ve had quite a few people now ask me about being able to get reliable internet access when they’re out and about, relying on other peoples WiFi connections is not always possible, and they’re not always that great

Well the good news is there’s two great, really simple ways that I use to get online, and you can too. They will cover yourself in almost all situations. One is super, 1 button press easy, and the other is almost as easy (it takes 3 button taps!).

I use both, and I’ve used them in all kinds of situations:

  • whilst sat in hospital waiting rooms (especially useful earlier this year with all the endless appointments before my 2nd daughter arrived! literally hours of usage),
  • motorway service stations, fixing someone’s computer in-between meetings,
  • in the middle of the Welsh mountains, doing my on-line banking…
  • and of course whilst sat with a customer – I had faster internet access in my pocket than they did in their office!

The First super, don’t even have to think about it way is to get yourself a 4G WIFI Dongle, they are about £15/Month, and in my experience is they work fantastically well (I get better signal on my 4G dongle than I do on my mobile phone!). For me, needing always on, super fast internet access a complete no brainer… often it’s better than using your home or office internet!

The Second, almost as easy way is to use the personal hotspot on your mobile phone, I’m going to show you how to do that on the iPhone, but I know it’s possible on several other phones (Just search for ‘Tethering’ and your phone model…)

Tethering basically uses your own mobile phone as a portable WiFi device, it uses you phones Data Connection (so relies on your phone having a signal! – That’s why I carry two devices, on different networks!), and uses the data allowance you have as part of your phone contract…

Here how to set-up you Personal Hot Spot on the iPhone

Tap Settings, and you will see a ‘Personal Hotspot’ option (if you don’t you might need to speak to your mobile provider about getting this enabled!)

Setting up iPhone Personal Hotspot

On the Personal Hotspot screen, flick the switch to On, then make a note of your ‘WiFi Password’ (I’ve blurred mine out below, it’ll be automatically generated for you). You can then Search for wireless networks on your Laptop or iPad (It’ll be called something like “<name>’s iPhone”)

How to Turn your iPhone Personal Hotspot on

Once it’s turned on you’ll get a bar across the top of your iPhone and tell you how many devices are connected. Always remember to turn it off when you’re not using it, and remember it’s using the data from your Mobile phone Plan. (I’ve got a 2GB allowance on my phone and never had a problem!)

Check the Blue Bar at the top of your iPhone for how many connections you have

Top Tip

Getting a 4G Dongle and/or using the Hotspot on your phone is a great way to save faffing about with unreliable public (or private!) WiFi hotspots…

If internet access is important to your business, get yourself a 4G dongle and make sure you know how to use the personal hotspot on your phone…

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