Is this your Home?

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in IT Top Tips

Is this your Home?

A really simple one for you this week, but done right it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier and will be quicker to get stuff done on your computer…

I’ve often get asked the question, Why does it take so long for the internet to start up? 

So, naturally, the first thing I do is open up their web browser (‘the Internet’, ‘Internet Explorer’,’Google Chrome’,’FireFox’,’Safari’ – you get the picture)… and quite often what I find is they’ve got 6 or 7 Tabs set to open up straight away.

Internet Explorer - MultiTab

Each one of those tabs takes a little time to load, and more often than not I see people close half of them straight down! So what’s the point in having them open up in the first place?

So just how do you set your home page then?

There are several ways to set your home page in each type of web browser, what I’ve done for you is put together a quick video of the simplest way for the top 3 browsers. My recommendation to you would be to set your home page to a very simple page (or blank), especially if you’ve got a slow internet connection.

Personally I have mine set to either a blank page, or the basic Google Search Page (Cause that’s most often where I need to go first!).

How to Set your Home Page in Internet Explorer

How to Set your Home Page in Google Chrome

How to Set your Home Page in Firefox

Top Tip

If you are finding your web browser takes a long time to start up, check how many pages load when you first open it up, and try setting it to a blank page, or something really simple.

I have my Laptop set to a blank page, cause I never know what type of internet connection I’m going to be on and how slow it’s going to be…

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