What an Olympic Gold Medalist can teach us about IT in your business

If you want to improve your business through the use of Information Technology, speak to an Olympic Gold Medalist (I Did!)

Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Small Business IT Issues

If you want to improve your business through the use of Information Technology, speak to an Olympic Gold Medalist (I Did!)

As you can see by the look on my face, I was Expecting Sir Stephen Redgrave too, to be fair you could have told me he was any of the others, and I would have believed you, I’m not really sure what they look like.

I’ve got to say though, it was a captivating speech, with such a powerful, yet simple, message, I really don’t think anyone else could have been more appropriate!

To be honest with you at this point, it’s a pretty tenuous link, I met Ben Hunt Davis at an Entrepreneurs Cicrle National Event at the start of July (My first event actually!). Ben gave a fascinating speech on “Will IT make the boat go faster?” – OK, maybe I’ve taken a liberty with the ‘IT’ but the message is still just as powerful, of everything we covered that day it stood out for me the most (and there was a LOT of good stuff there – Sorry Nigel!).

To sum it up extremely succinctly (He spoke for 45 minutes! If your interested in more Google ‘Ben Hunt Davis’), in training for Sydney 2000 (where he won his Gold Medal in the Mens 8 Rowing), EVERYTHING they did, and thats from how many times they trained, to if they should go for a pint, to whether they should take part in the opening ceremony, they questioned Will it make the boat go faster? Would it bring them closer to their goal of Gold? and if not, then why were they dong it?

Thats a really powerful message for me, not only when I think about how we conduct our business, but also for how our clients use IT within their business. You see I have long been a believer in the “The Role of IT”, in fact it’s why I started my business in the first place.

Many people see IT within their business as a necessary evil, but why? you really have to question is your IT working for you? If the answer is no, they why is it there? Why are you not doing something about it…

To bring it back to the theme of Ben’s speech, Will IT make your boat go faster?

It can, and it Should, but is it? and does your IT provider understand this? We do, let’s have a chat – 01543 241234

Ben Hunt Davis, Chris Blunt. a Gold Medal and the Olympic Torch.

Whats the Link between a an Olympic Gold Medalist and Improving business through the way you use IT?

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